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FINALLY TRAVELING AGAIN Our contribution to fighting COVID-19


Dear customers,

Finally, after 3 months of Covid-19 mandatory break, the Italian government has approved the reopening of bars, restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, shops, boutiques etc. etc. after the necessary guidelines have been adopted.

Bathing by the sea, visits to archaeological zones, museums, parks, sights and all UNESCO World Heritage sites in Sicily are again accessible to tourists. Theaters, cinemas and events will begin their activities in the next few days.

From June 3rd, 2020 the borders were opened, so that EC members can enter or we can leave again.

In the meantime, we have carefully prepared with our service providers to guarantee all customers the high standard of our services as well as the national and international health regulations.

In the following pages we would like to present our protocol and our guidelines to enjoy a carefree trip to safety.

We are confident and hope to see you again soon in Sicily and other regions of Italy.


Your customers are important to us

• We have adopted the guidelines proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Italian National Health Institute (ISS) for safety protocols and have transferred them to our companies.

• It is our concern in cooperation with our guests to make the vacation more valuable and authentic.

• For this purpose, each process of our services has been revised and realigned, with the well-being and safety of all involved in the center.

• We ensure that all measures planned in the protocol are adhered to and that the protocol itself is updated in accordance with the changing general conditions and the associated guidelines, which are implemented by international, national and regional health organizations

Legal requirements

• Transport. The interests of the people who are responsible for the operation of public transport lines, which include overloading the means of transport at times of day with taxed passenger traffic. The request from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport can be made in the health service of the State Ministry, air traffic.

• Obligation to wear a mask There is a requirement to wear a mask in all inclusive forms of transport, including those in which the minimum safety distance between people cannot be heard. Children under the age of 6 as well as people who cannot be expected to wear a mask due to health conditions are exempt from the mask requirement.

Process monitoring

• The service providers are obliged to take all possible precautions in order to comply with and comply with the legal regulations. • On our part, we are carefully reviewing the mechanisms that every employee must follow to protect themselves and our mutual customers. • This is to guarantee the joy of a safe holiday and to transform the impressive sights that Sicily has to offer into pleasant experiences.

Buses, trains, gondolas, boats, ships and hydrofoils

• The allocation of means of transport is regulated and monitored by the authorities (in our case the region of Sicily). A maximum of 40-50% of the places may be filled. • Accordingly, z. B. Buses are used depending on the group size and are limited to 25 people. • The same applies to all means of transport. • Before the arrival of the individual groups, each bus is disinfected by UV rays or aerosol products. The driver is obliged to sterilize the brackets and the occupied spaces daily. • Masks, towels and disinfectants are available at the entrance on the bus.

• The seats will be allocated in consultation with the organizers, the first row of seats will not be allocated.

• All other places are occupied with a shift.

• Couples are allowed to sit next to each other.

Accommodation arrangements

• It is permitted to start accommodation (hotels, bed & breakfast, etc.), provided that a minimum distance of 1m is allowed in the common areas.

• Opening of bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlors, pastry shops. All open to the public must follow the guidelines and protocols of the regions and autonomous provinces to prevent and reduce the risk of infection.

• Opening up the beach businesses in compliance with the guidelines and protocols of the regions and autonomous provinces to prevent and reduce the risk of infection. These are also valid for access to the free beaches.

• Opening of all business activities to the public, while maintaining a safety distance of at least 1 meter between people. Access to the shops can be limited for a maximum number of people, customers may only stay inside the shop for the necessary length of time for the purchase.

• Outdoor sporting and physical activities may be carried out, while maintaining a minimum safety distance of 2 meters during sporting activities and one meter for all other activities. Children or people in need of care may Only carry out activities in the presence of accompanying persons.

• From May 25, 2020, the opening of fitness centers, swimming pools and sports centers is permitted, in compliance with the rules of social distancing and avoiding the accumulation of people.

• Suspension of activities in wellness centers and thermal baths (with the exception of necessary applications in the curative area), cultural, social and recreation centers.

• The Italian regions and autonomous provinces may prefer or postpone the relaxation of the various activities, in accordance with the course of the infections

Our contract hotels have prepared adequately.

• General rules, new cleaning and disinfection methods, as well as new operating instructions for the use of disinfectants.

• Disinfection of filters in air conditioning systems.

• Cleaning and disinfection of tables after each use.

• The dishes are served.

• Safety distances at the tables.

• Regular and adequate ventilation of the common areas.

• Additional controls for the rooms assigned to the new arrivals.

• Use of laundry from certified laundries, daily disinfection of cleaning devices.

• Checking the safety distances at the pool or beach, as well as cleaning the loungers and parasols.

• Sunbed disinfection every time you change guests.

• Where possible, the common spaces have been extended to the outside areas in order to make larger areas available to customers.

Tourist Attractions

Opening of museums and other cultural institutions (museums, libraries, archives, archaeological sites, parks and monuments). All facilities must ensure contingent access modalities or appropriate measures that avoid the accumulation of people and guarantee a safety distance of at least 1 meter between visitors.

• From June 15th, demonstrations are permitted in theaters, concert halls, cinemas and other rooms, including outdoors. Only demonstrations with previously assigned seats are permitted, which ensure the minimum safety distance of 1 meter between the staff and the public, for a maximum number of visitors of 1000 people for outdoor events and 200 people for events in closed rooms (occupancy per room).

• Opening of parks, villas, playgrounds and public gardens. Outdoor play and leisure activities are allowed.

✓ Museo Regionale Agostino Pepoli di Trapani

✓ Area Archeologica di Segesta

✓ Area Archeologica di Selinunte

✓ Area Archeologica e della Valle dei Templi, Agrigento

✓ Villa Romana del Casale, Piazza Armerina

✓ Area Archeologica Morgantina

✓ Museo Archeologico Aidone

✓ Teatro romano e Odeon, Catania

✓ Area Archeologica della Neapolis, Siracusa

✓ Galleria regionale di Palazzo Bellomo, Siracusa

✓ Casa Museo Antonino Uccello Palazzolo, Acreide

✓ Teatro Antico di Taormina

✓ Area Archeologica di Giardini Naxos

✓ Museo di Giardini Naxos

✓ Isolabella, Taormina

✓ Museo Archeologico Eoliano "Bernabò Brea", Lipari

✓ Galleria Regionale della Sicilia di Palazzo Abatellis, Palermo

✓ Museo Archeologico Antonino Salinas, Palermo

✓ Castello della Cuba, Palermo

✓ Chiostro di San Giovanni degli Eremiti, Palermo

✓ Castello della Zisa, Palermo

✓ Chiostro di Santa Maria la Nuova, Monreale, Palermo

✓ Museo di arte Moderna e Contemporanea - sede Palazzo Riso, Palermo

✓ Museo archeologico di Palazzo Varisano, Enna

✓ Museo Archeologico Regionale di Gela

✓ Area archeologica Bagni Greci di Gela

✓ Museo archeologico di Marianopoli

✓ Museo Regionale Interdisciplinare di Caltanissetta

✓ Complesso Minerario Trabia Tallarito

Theaters, parks and museums are allowed to open again

• All facilities are regularly hygienized.

• Keep your distance • Obligatory mask

• Special regulations for entry

• Advance booking recommended

• Depending on the size, restrictions are expected.

As a result of the measures that have been adopted in recent months, the number of new illnesses and infected people has decreased significantly. This enables us to travel again on June 3rd, 2020, we are very pleased about that. Travel is finally a need for everyone and for everyone working in tourism, it is also work, confirmation, meeting, affirmation, education, development, satisfaction and much more. Tourism generates more than 18% of GNP in Italy, so thousands of employees in all areas are affected by this activity. We must, of course, exercise all caution and follow the given guidelines. Mouthguards and social closeness are small sacrifices in relation to the grandeur of life. We are therefore pleased that we have regained quality of life through traveling. It will be a pleasure to welcome your guests to "benvenuti" again.

Your Alba incoming team


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