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The province of Ragusa is very varied: here we will find beautiful baroque palaces, the imposing Iblean Mountains and gleaming beaches of golden sand. But you can also enjoy a journey to discover the artistic treasures and the unique nature of this area.

In southern Sicily

The Province of Ragusa is located in the south-eastern of Sicily. The visitor here immediately tries the unique atmosphere that emanates Ragusa. The province includes high mountains of Iblei who enjoy nature. The sea is wonderful. Traditions are still respected and they are also reflected in daily life of population.


The province of Baroque

Ragusa benefits of several buildings of Baroque style. Among the various places that have been proclaimed by UNESCO "Baroque towns of Val di Noto" and declared World Heritage Sites, there are: Ragusa, Modica and Scicli. Modica is situated on a plateau in the southern part of Iblei Mountains. This city is so unique thanks to Baroque buildings. This art is reflected in the Church of St. George and the Cathedral. A staircase leads to these fascinating baroque works that embody in Sicily the prototype of 18th century churches. Scicli is surrounded by an extensive and beautiful valley surrounded by rocky hills. Baroque buildings were built after the devastating earthquake that destroyed the city in 1693. The Church of Madonna of the Militia came with gilded stucco and frescoes, and the Palazzo Benevento is one of the most important baroque works of the province. We also recommend a visit to the Church of Ispica - a charming town, situated on a hill by the deep blue sea in the background. It is worth to visit the city of Victoria where there is Madonna delle Grazie, Popolo Square and the theaters of the city.


Traces of past eras

In Ragusa, as well as in most other provinces of Sicily, you can see many examples of past eras. It dates back to the times when these foreign people and cultures prevailed and invaded to demonstrate their power in the rest of the world. Located on the Iblea coast, a few miles from Santa Croce Camerina, lies the important archaeological site: Camerina. In this ancient city extends over three hills the Temple of Athena, a system of walls, the Hellenic ruin settlements (including "House of the Altar", the "House of enrollment" and "Merchant House "). Here you should also pay a visit to the museum, which displays a number of archaeological finds. Another interesting place is Cava d'Ispica, which is located between the towns of Ispica and Modica. The studies that have been conducted confirm the first settlements date back to the Neolithic period. It is exciting the Ibleo plateau that is broken by deep canyons. In the east of Punta Secca there is Caucana, an archaeological important place. Particularly fascinating is the small church with three aisles in front of the cemetery where there were graves found embodied in the rocks.


The charming "Coastline"

The coast of Ragusa stretches from Scoglitti to Pozzallo of about 50 kilometers. Here we can see alternately sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, strongholds tourist and picturesque fishing villages. Particularly enchanting is the effect of the sea that shines in every shade of blue, and gold shiny beaches. The coast of this province begins with the beautiful town of Marina di Ragusa. Another popular seaside location is Pozzallo. The coast is dominated by the observation tower, which was built as a defense against invading pirates. On the other hand if you are looking for relax and quietness, we recommend a stay in the territory of Scicli. For example, in Scicli, that is rich in history, with roots dating back to prehistoric times. You can go also to Sampieri, where you can take long walks on the beach and relax under the sun. There are other villages in Scicli area such as Cava d'Aliga and Scoglitti, Santa Maria del Focallo, Macconi, Maganuco and Marina di Modica


Dive into the world of pleasure

The local cooking is closely linked to the rural tradition. The dishes are simple but rich. The kitchen consists of various flavors in conjunction among spicy, salted and sweet food. Typical dishes are: "pastieri" - pastry filled with lamb and goat meat, the "Scacce" stuffed with broccoli and spinach ravioli with cheese cream and salad of broad beans. The great tastes of "Caciocavallo" - a cheese-shaped bag. Let’s try the chocolate from Modica, prepared according to ancient tradition, the typical cake stuffed with ricotta, candied fruit and chocolate "Mustazoli" - an almond and cinnamon twists, the "Nougat" - a sweet made of sugar, honey , walnuts or almonds in bar form and "macaroons" - almond cookies. Among the excellent wines include the Cerasuolo Vittoria, which owes its name to deep red color with reminiscent of cherries. Red wine can be especially paired with red meats and cheeses. Typical and traditional products of this province can be tasted in many festivals. Here you have the opportunity to know local people and their traditions.


Distances from Ragusa


Caltanissetta       236 Km

Catania                104 Km

Enna                     120 Km

Palermo               300 Km

Agrigento             135 Km

Trapani                356 Km

Syrakus                 89 Km

Messina               200 Km


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