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Syracuse is located near Africa and it is characterized by a beautiful sea and an historical period that crosses Greek and baroque period. The province will fascinate you by its extraordinary beauty.

An historical metropolis

The capital city of Syracuse, one of the most beautiful, according to Cicero, a Greek city, located in the most southern corner of Italy - the territory that before was called by Arabs "Val di Noto" .Here there are traces of many cultures and people that have made the history of the Mediterranean region.


Upon the marks of past

A visit to Syracuse should be accompanied by a tour of the archaeological sites, including the traces of ancient cultures, like Greeks, Byzantines and Arabs. In addition, it is renowned for its magnificent landscape that is perfect for nature lovers. Nearby is the nature reserve of the Anapo Valley, which is characterized by cliffs and hollows. In the area of ​​Pantalica we will find Hybla, one of the oldest settlements inside the island. Among the most important examples of past eras there are five cemeteries that can be allocated to different periods and include 5.000 graves. The "Anaktoron", a huge royal palace, situated on an hill, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the valley. It is particularly attractive the archaeological site of the Crone located near Augusta. Thanks to the ruins can be traced back to the former urban structure of the whole city. Outside the city walls there is the necropolis. In Caddeddi, a district of Noto, we will see also the remarkable Roman Tellaro, which is decorated with mosaics and has a great plan which include mythological scenes, as well as hunting scenes and dances.


Nature reserves and myths

 Syracuse offers to visitors unique landscapes, which are paradises of peace and quietness. The fascinating nature reserve of Vendicari  is situated on the coast, where the high salinity of the sea has contributed to the creation of a unique ecosystem. This area is called the "bird house", because you can see varied bird species. Equipped with binoculars, it is possible observe, especially in the afternoon, more than 200 different species of birds. Walking through the Nature Reserve you will discover remarkable landscapes. Here you will find beautiful lakes, a castle, which was built during the reign of Aragon, fishermen houses and a plant of the Roman era, which is used for fishing activity.

On the banks of the River Cyane you can immerse yourself in a mystical atmosphere. The river rises in the sources of Pisima and Pisimotta and finally flows into the Gulf of Syracuse. Before in this area was venerated the fertility goddess Persephone. According to legend, the nymph Ciane was transformed into a source when he tried to prevent the abduction of Persephone by Pluto. The banks of the river here are covered with lush papyrus, which are also characteristic of the bank of the Nile in Egypt. The river is also a popular destination for lovers of canoe.


Noto - the cradle of Sicilian Baroque

Entrenched on a plateau above the valley Asinaro you can reach Noto - one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every corner of the city has to be visited and it is the location of some of the finest art works created by man. Stucco, golden decorations, ornaments and palaces here represent the art of Baroque period.  Noto is fascinating not only for its works, but also for its clear sea.


Beach and sea

 Syracuse city is one of the most beautiful in Italy. In the rest of the Ionian coast there are also beautiful sandy beaches, sheer cliffs and a deep blue sea. The coast extends from Augusta Peninsula to Capo Passero. The Gulf of Noto is one of the main tourist attractions. It extends from the peninsula Maddalena - a fascinating area with rugged cliffs and caves- to Pachino , a typical Mediterranean village, which is ideal for a beach holiday.


Typical cooking

An holiday in Syracuse is a great experience, if you have tasted the typical dishes. The local cooking here is closely connected with the traditions and become very variegated. You should taste fishes, such as tuna with onions, fried mackerel with vinegar, mixed seafood platter, and "ghiotta" - a rich fish soup, which is typical of Augusta. The hinterland can also enjoy about homemade sausage from Palazzolo and Buccheri and delicious olives.

Syracuse is proud of the best almonds all around Italy. In particular in Avola, delicious desserts are prepared, such as the "nougat".


Distances from Siracusa


Caltanissetta  161 Km

Catania         66 Km

Enna           137 Km

Messina        162 Km

Palermo        262 Km

Ragusa          89 Km

Agrigento      210 Km

Trapani        365 Km


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