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Hotel Carasco


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Family, Couples, Young



The Carasco is one of the first hotels in the Aeolian Islands to face the sea in an enchanting and unrepeatable location. Immediately the reference structure for the large and panoramic spaces and the quality of the services offered for the first tourists who discovered the magic of the Aeolian Islands and were looking for a stylish welcome. Since 2007 the Carasco has started the 360 ° aid program with which its guests can get in touch with the true essence of the Aeolian Archipelago. Carasco offers its guests private access to the magnificent Aeolian Sea and a wonderful swimming pool. The cliff on which the hotel stands is one of the most powerful emotional elements of a structure that allows guests to directly enjoy the marine environment of this archipelago without filters and additional passages. A series of small natural platforms carved into the volcanic rock and equipped with sun beds and umbrellas allow you to spend hours of total relaxation. From here it is possible to dive with a comfortable ladder. The rooms are solar and spacious, almost all of them offer a priceless view of the sea, most of them have a panoramic balcony.



Resort, Hotel

Zimmer Nr.

89 Rooms

In der Nähe

Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli


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Nächstliegender Flughafen

Catania airport

Schwimmbad \ Meer \ Spa




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