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Hotel Signum


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Couples, Family, Young



Salina in the heart of the Aeolian Islands is an island of fascinating beauty with the peculiarity of a safe and surprising port for its travelers, the Hotel Signum. You will immediately be amazed not only by the excellence of the hotel and its services and its refined elegance, but also by its magical atmosphere that will make your stay unforgettable.

The careful research for details, the beauty of a place where nothing is casual but the result of care, dedication and passion, a kitchen with overwhelming flavors, as well as all the amenities such as the swimming pool and the SPA are a hymn to excellence and joy that they Take you on a sensory journey to discover unexpected and engaging smells, aromas and emotions. A place where the warm and discreet hospitality that makes you feel at home is a privilege that you will indulge in pleasantly thanks to the Caruso family, who have made hospitality a distinctive mark. The Signum Hotel is a place where you can enjoy a long time full of emotions that recharge your elixir of life and that you will hardly forget.

The colors of the Signum will fill your stay with unexpected splendor: the light pink linden walls, the beaches of black lava, the terraces with the extraordinary colors of bougainvillea, the sea that even contains all the shades of the world more. Sure you will have more colors at the end of your trip than when you arrived. We are waiting for you to experience an experience of sublime beauty and relaxation.

The Signum is a sensory journey. Trust those who can guide you on a path full of flavors, smells, sensations, emotions and, ultimately, precious memories.




Zimmer Nr.

30 Rooms

In der Nähe

Salina, Lipari, Panarea, Messina, Milazzo


Partially accessible



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Nächstliegender Flughafen

Catania airport

Schwimmbad \ Meer \ Spa

Pool, Spa



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