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Sicily…  a culinary pleasure !


Sicilian cuisine is an expression that has been around since

Antiquity developed culinary arts and is closely linked to the historical, cultural and religious events of the island.

It is a regional gastronomic culture that Shows traces and contributions of all cultures that have settled in Sicily in the past two millennium. These ancient recipes are passed on from generation to generation and so it is possible that they will still be served on the table.

Sicilian cuisine is certainly a reason for recognition and pride in our times as it is one of the most important tourist attractions. This is also because of the emigration abroad, so that they are in many other countrieswas exported and greatly appreciated. The complex and articulated Sicilian cuisine is one of the richest and most spectacular in Italy. Our “arancini, cannoli, cassata and granita” are known worldwide. The mild climate gives us a variety of aromatic spices: oregano, mint,

Rosemary are used daily in our kitchen.

The fertile soil produces juicy oranges and lemons in large quantities. Almonds, prickly pear, pistachios and olives are other culinary symbols that our island

distinguished. We have developed special tours to give our guests the opportunity to have a real culinary experience.

The tailored trips for your client
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Sanus Per Aquam

Health through water or "wellness", well-being as the English call it. In addition we associate culture, nature, events and our "Arte culinaria" everything that in our opinion belongs to the general well-being.

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