Your Sicily  journey, at the highest level.

There has been a strong demand for luxury travel for several years. For Sicily, this means new projects and ambitions that offer us a new reality in hotels:

5-star luxury hotels, golf clubs and private villas with personal colf, chauffeurs, guides etc.
Numerous services for demanding customers with ever-increasing requirements,

fascinated by this new way of traveling gives us the input to offer this new authentic Sicilian hospitality:
Individual tours with an authorized driver and
guide, personal shopper in exclusive boutiques,
Theatrical performances and much more ...

Luxury Hotels and Residences

Our selection for you

Verdura Golf Resort & SPA

Mazzarò Sea Palace

Hotel Tonnara di Bonagia

Grand Hotel Yachting Palace

Grand Hotel Timeo

Domina Coral Bay Zagarella

Hotel Aktea

Masseria Agnello

San Domenico Palace

I Monasteri Golf Resort

Resort Baglio Oneto

Grand Hotel Wagner

Grand Hotel Ortigia

Abbazia Santa Anastasia

Villa Neri Resort

shopping in Sicily



  • Theater events

  • Musicals

  • Operas and Operettas

  • Special concerts

  • Personal guides in Museums

sport event luxury sicily

Culinary delight

shopping Tours


tours in sicily



  • Skiing possibilities

  • Golf 

  • Etna Adventure

  • Fitness Center

  • Climbing 

  • Horse riding

  • Great sport events

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