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Sicani mountains

The enchanted valley in the heart of Sicily

Between the Gulf of Palermo and the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento, along the ancient road that was crossed by Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans, stands the Sican territory, also called "Monti Sicani" with its breathtaking landscapes and villages among the most characteristic of Italy. Through natural parks, wheat fields and high altitude settlements, an experience that reveals the traditions and history of an unforgettable culture.

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Extraordinary heritage of biodiversity

The Regional park ok the Sicani mountains is located in the 3rd place among the Sicilian natural parks, the municipalities concerned are 12: Bivona, Burgio, Cammarata (in our trips), Castronovo di Sicilia, Chiusa Sclafani, Contessa Entellina, Giuliana Palazzo Adriano, Prizzi, S.Giovanni Gemini, S.Stefano Quisquinia, Sambuca di Sicilia, of which 6 fall in the province of Palermo and 6 in the province of Agrigento.

the "Parco dei Monti Sicani" is characterized by the presence of agriculture systems that allow the existence of several farms and animal husbandry that give rise to typical and quality products.

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Discover the authentic "Sicilianity"


We focus a lot on the quality of our products, the high quality of cheese wines and the meat of the Sicani mountains, which over time has acquired the name of excellence in Sicily.


We have a lot of festivals and traditions throughout the year. That’s the real Sicily!

Hight quality made in Sicily


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What to see and what to do


Santa Rosalia Heritage

The history of the hermitage begins in 1624, when, a few weeks after the discovery of the remains of the Saint in the cave of Monte Pellegrino in Palermo.

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Andromeda Theater

the open-air masterpiece built in homage to the constellation of Andromeda, was realized on one rock and give emotions to the visitor. The theater is also
 a sculpture park, entirely realizedby the eclectic artist Lorenzo Reina.


Old Towns

The historical centers of the villages are really hidden treasures usually on the rocks that surround castles and churches of extraordinary beauty, and then immerse themselves in the daily life of the Sicilians.


Trekking and hiking

The regional park of the Sicani mountains offers many possibilities for nature lovers, nature trails and breathtaking views.

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Drink & food

A very important chapter is precisely the food offered by the countries of the Sicani mountains, the high quality of the products that make visitors discover an exceptional culinary emotion.

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Traveling through the roads between the Sicani mountains among uncontaminated nature, you will find truly special hidden treasures.


Our tour

Our tour that includes everything, from 2012 the successful sustainable tour that incorporates the experience of the Sican mountains with guaranteed departures.

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The history...

The road that connects Agrigento to Palermo has always been extremely important for Sicily.

Since the archaic age has allowed the connection between the shores of the Mediterranean and those of the Tyrrhenian, so that the South could breathe the air of the North and its cultural contaminations.

From the Greek settlers of the Aegean islands that arrived in the seventh century to found the Sicilian polis and to confront and collide with the Phoenician peoples who occupied the western point of the island until the Romans who, once conquered Akragas (Agrigento), traveled to conquer Panormus ( Palermo), building a statio and mansion: network along the way. They are stations, built at precise distances that allowed travelers and horses to cool off or sleep and remained active until the fourth century.

Shortly afterwards the Byzantines occupied the region, settling on the fortresses and hills, in order to defend themselves from the Muslim warriors of North Africa, Arabia and Spain, who invaded the island in the ninth century, transforming the appearance of the streets and villages, which over the centuries they thrived or had been abandoned.

During the second half of 11th century the island was freed from Arabs by French knights, coming from the coasts of Normandy and in little more than thirty years, under the guidance of the Grand Count Ruggero d'Altavilla and his brother Roberto the Guiscardo, they reconquered the island, bringing back the Christianity  in the entire territory and rebuilding churches with Greek rite  and new rituals with Latin rite, allowing that osmosis that created the conditions for the Sicilian society of today.

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Discover the experiential tour

8 Days from Palermo

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Discover the charm of the area's hermitage and churches



and activities with the donkey are educational interventions and re-education to the relationship, 


Farms & old towns

Day on a farm, animals, culinary arts and products of the highest level

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Many activities immersed in the nature of the park

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Castels & houses

Discover the charm of medieval castles scattered throughout the area

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Magna via Francigena

Discover the path in the heart of Sicily

Preparando il cibo

Cooking class

Touch with your hands the quality that the territory offers


Theather and food

discover many particular things while enjoying the quality of the products

Sicily Wellness and Culture

Discover our tours between relaxation
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