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Enjoy your journey without stress

Your Sicilian Driver Guide

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Young bearded business man sitting in ca
Dedicated for those who don't like to waste time searching for a rental car in airport parking lots, 
or SPENDING endless queues on the highway 
because the navigator says WHAT is the best route. 
We all know this situation and let's face it, it's not a great start for a holiday.

As you know, finding yourself in a big city like Palermo or Catania with our very fiery driving style like the Sicilian temperament is not always easy ...

  • Avoid getting lost in narrow streets, google maps doesn't know them all.

  • Avoid leaving the machine unattended if you have valuables in your luggage

  • Avoid staying for hours in construction site traffic, the Driver Guides know them better

  • Don't waste time searching for roads, enjoy the journey without stress

  • Listen to the history in the archaeologic sites and let them tell you how the stories that characterize Sicily are, don't just imagine it.

Enjoy your journey and not think of anything else
  • Avoid long lost time with public transport thinking of saving, time is money.

  • Dedicate more on the really important things, photos of the monuments, your selfies and shares on social networks

  • Give yourself that extra glass without having to worry that you have to drive

  • Save, buses and professional guides are big costs

Kindness and passion for our land is important to us

Handsome elegant serious man drives a ca


  • Choose your dates

  • Choose languages 

  • Choose your itineraries 

  • Choose your vehicles

We choose our Driver Guides for their professionalism and passion for their land so as to convey to the traveler all the emotions that come from Sicily.


Driver Guide for Daily excursion from Your hotel

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Driver Guide for trips all around Sicily

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Sicani mountains

The treasure hidden in the heart of Sicily
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