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The Egadi islands hoppers

With almost 54,000 hectares, the archipelago is the most extensive marine reserve in the Mediterranean. The three Egadi Islands, Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo are charming and diverse. They point to a very long history and are still a hidden gem in the azure blue sea of ​​western Sicily. Lonely hiking trails, deserted bays and breathtaking nature can still be found here. Interesting historical evidence from the Old and Neolithic cave paintings of the first Ionian War in 241 BC, where Catulls defeated the Carthaginian fleet off the islands, can be traced back to 1874.


  • Cobalt blue sea

  • Levanzo boat trip

  • Erice and Marsala

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Day 1: Arrival - Palermo

Reception by our RL and transfer to the booked hotel.

You cross over to Favignana by hydrofoil. After moving into your room, you can go on a discovery of the island. In ancient times the island was called "Aegusa" (butterfly), which alludes to its shape. The name of the archipelago is derived from this. Another name used in antiquity was "Aponiana insula". The island got its current name from the "Favonio" (foehn). Dinner and overnight.


Day 2: boat trip Marettimo

A green diamond in the cobalt blue sea is Marettimo. Beautiful hiking trails with wonderful panoramas over the archipelago can be admired from here. Would you like to join us on a hike or drive around the island by boat? No matter what you choose, the emotions are always assured! Dinner and overnight.


Day 3: Levanzo boat trip

A breathtaking wild natural landscape holds one of the most fascinating prehistoric secrets of the entire Mediterranean: the Grotte del Genovese, the engravings and drawings of which are up to 15 thousand years old. You can reach the small island by boat. Our employee will welcome you there at the harbor and take you with other guests through the island in a jeep to the northwest side. A small part has to be mastered on foot, so it is advisable to take sturdy shoes with you. The afternoon is at leisure. Dinner and overnight.


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