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Babbaluci alla picchipacchi Snails with Tomato sauce

Schnecken mit Sauce

Given the sudden rains of these days all looking for "picchipacchi" 🐌 or "Vavaluci" we simply call them that, and make with "cu sucu" (tomato sauce)

Snails with sauce are prepared a little everywhere in Sicily, In the Palermo area they are very common but in every province there will certainly be a specialty and variations.

We in this case put the recipe from the aunt “Concetta” which are the best for us, harvested with love from the uncle peppino.

You will first have to provide to let the snails drain, look on the internet that some tutorials are found, then blanch them several times, before joining them to the sauce.

Once the snails are prepared, cook the tomato sauce.

The sauce must be simple, still in these times you can find fresh tomato that is a thousand times better than a conserve but if you don't have it at hand that's fine too, make a cooking fund with oil and finely chopped onion, add the sauce, a pinch of sugar that will help you to remove the acid part (if any) of the tomato, a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper or chili pepper.

Cook for about 20 minutes, turn occasionally, add a little water if it dries too much. Then insert the snails that you have drained, let cook for about twenty minutes, and at the end of cooking add the basil leaves. taste and arrange salt and pepper. And they are ready to suck as usual. "

A Sicilian saying says "vavaluci of sucari and fimmini of vasari un ti puannu mai saziaì"

snails to suck and the woman to kiss, they can never make you full (rhymes in Sicilian).

We will be curious to read about the variations or corrections of this recipe. Have your say🤓.


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