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Search is born

We present our new project: the new portal that aims to make known the Sicani mountains in the Sicilian hinterland. The project was supposed to start as early as 2019 but frozen because we all know. Since 2021, there are 8 daily excursions from Agrigento and Palermo, but for 2022 the aim is to have the "palette" complete with over 20 excursions that will touch all the municipalities in the Sicani mountains area:

Bivona >>

Burgio >>

Cammarata >>

Castronovo di Sicilia >>

Closed Sclafani >>

Contessa Entellina >>

Giuliana >>

Palazzo Adriano >>

Prizzi >>

S. Giovanni Gemini >>

S. Stefano Quisquinia >>

Sambuca di Sicilia >>

In addition to the portal of the new brand, we have aimed at the major international OTAs (online travel agencies) thus having a much wider market, "legally" selling the excursions in complete safety for our customers.


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