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The southern Sicilian province of Agrigento is one of the most beautiful areas of the island. Characteristic of the region are ancient ruins, Baroque palaces, pristine beaches and a crystal clear sea. For divers also the species-rich underwater world offers many delicacies. A holiday can be ideally combined with art, culture and history and is all about recreation and relaxation under the African sun. The province is characterized by agriculture and viticulture. The population is usually very poor and apart from the capital Agrigento, the province is still largely untapped by tourism.

Agrigento is situated in the south-western of Sicily. It is one of the most beautiful area of the island. The ancient ruins, the baroque palaces, uncontaminated beaches and clear sea are very singular. The rich underwater world offers a lot of curiosities for scuba drivers. An holiday here can be ideal thanks to the union of artistic activities, of culture and of history. The province is dominated by agriculture and viticulture.

Agrigento-Discover this province

The state capital of Agrigento is situated in a fascinating mountainous plateau called “Temple Valley”, Human Heritage of UNESCO since 1997. Submerged by two rivers “San Biagio river” (ex-river Akragas) and the “river Drago” (ex Hypsas), the city has got millions years of history that leaves in different places its testimony. Near the sea, the sea side locations of “lido San Leone” and “Porto Empedocle” which guarantee sufficient space for an holiday with total relax below the Sicilian sun.

The splendor of the Past

The period of maximum splendor of Agrigento Sicily dates back to Greek-Romans colonization, shows the numerous marks that are in the rest of the province. Two places are particular interesting: Eraclea Minoa and Realmonte. Eraclea Minoa is situated near the ruins of the  ex-Greek city on a white gypsum plateau which gives a particular imagine with moonlight at night. The theatre and a small museum. At the same time, the beaches and the blue-green sea are to be considered. In Realmonte next to the ruins of Roman Villa there are Necropolis situated near the bay of “Scala dei Turchi” with a great attraction. The calcareous formations remember long steps.

Art and culture

In the province there are simple churches and luxury palaces, which are the most beautiful in Sicily and situated in enchanted places. One of this places belong to Palma di Montechiaro, native city of the author Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (writer of “Gattopardo”novel). Along the stairs that lead to the baroque church “Chiesa Madre”, there is also the baroque palace of the baron Gattopardo and the palace “Ottaviano”. In Licata we can admire, the Municipal square, the church “Sant’Angelo”, in which are the remains of the patron saint and the peak of the mountain with the fortification. The principal attraction of Naro village is the Chiaramonte Castle of 14th century and a lot of baroque monuments, extended in the whole city. Such us “San Francesco” with its baroque decorations, where in summer come to life every kind of exhibitions, as well as “Sant’Agostino Church”. Also Sciacca city is very interesting, which in addition to hot springs and the fisherman harbor, offers different attractions such as the gothic palace “Sterpentino” or the Norman Church of “San Nicolò la Latina”. From Sciacca is achievable, through a curvy street with picturesque olive groves, the city of Caltabellotta with the Norman church and the ruins of hermitage “San Pellegrino” where there are yearly pilgrimages.

Sea colours 

The sea in the coast of Agrigento is one of the most beautiful and clear in the world, it is often inserted on the "illustrated book" and "postcards". Turquoise sea and the endless blue of the sky form a seductive landscape. The evergreen vegetation with low dense woods gives to air a unique fragrance. The villages are reach directly the coast. Long areas of sandy beach and beautiful bays record the image of the coast. The beaches of Sciacca, the white cliffs of Eraclea Minoa, the numerous small bays of the coastal area of ​​Palma di Montechiaro, as well as lush hills and beautiful beaches are the background of a variegated area. Memphis offers space for long walks on the beach and a unique landscape of dunes, which has further enriched the environment. Don’t forget the south-western Sicily with Pelagie Islands ("The archipelago of the Pelagie"), which are composed by the islands of Lampedusa, Linosa and Lampione. The southest point of Italy is particularly popular with diverse attractions from turquoise clean sea to the underwater world.

Festivals and traditions

To understand better the culture and traditions of the population, we will visit one of the Sicilian festivals. Sicilian people are devoted to nature and they celebrated in honor of the patron saints. In the province of Agrigento there are "San Calogero" , in  Sciacca "Sant'Antonio Abate", in  Castrofilippo the feast of "San Vito" in Ravenusa. Agrigento in February held one of the leading folk festivals in Italy, the feast of the "Almond Blossom".

Different Kitchen

In the region can be enjoyed in particular the excellent dishes of pasta, swordfish, pork chops and fried fish.


Distances from Agrigento


Caltanissetta   58 Km

Catania        166 Km

Enna            90 Km

Messina        259 Km

Palermo        127 Km

Ragusa         134 Km

Syrakus        214 Km

Trapani        175 Km


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