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In der Provinz Trapani zeugen zahlreiche archäologische Funde von antiken Völkern und Kulturen. Die Meerlandschaft wird von den Ägadischen Inseln bereichert und den unzähligen Küstenorten belebt. In der Provinz finden sich zudem eine Vielzahl an abwechslungsreichen Naturschutzgebieten.


A province with many faces

In the west of Sicily, in one of the three corners of the "Trinacria" (so called for its triangular shape) is located along the city of Trapani. The province of Trapani consists of 24 communities of great interest with historical and panoramic view. There are numerous archaeological, endless sandy beaches, stunning scenery and beautiful places as Calatafimi, Castelvetrano, Valle del Belice, Gibellina and Salemi, where traditions are still alive. Egadi Islands and the island of Pantelleria are also so fascinating.


The testimony of the past period

The province is famous for its archaeological sites that are located on the mainland and islands. In the city of Segesta, which is of Greek origin, there are significant traces of the past period, when the magnificent prevailed in Sicilian history. The rolling hills poses a great archaeological treasure. From an archaeological point of view is of great importance for Sicily the magnificent Doric temple, which is one of the best preserved sites of the region. Starting from the temple, a large area with traces of walls and gates, leading to Greek theater, located on the north side of the Acropolis. From here you have a wonderful view of the hills and the sea of ​​Castelvetrano. Ancient people have already issued here hundreds of years ago to attend the performance of the Greek and Latin classics and enjoyed the same view. Near the temple there are the ruins of an interesting church. Moreover, Selinunte is one of the original settlements Greeks and it is one of the most representative of classical culture. Here you can admire the colossal ruins of a Greek temple, which dominates the surrounding hills. Here is also the Acropolis, the ruins of houses and walls. Selinunte is located in a large park in the middle of the landscape river of Belize. Among the most important Phoenician settlements there is the small island of Mozia, with the cult of Tophet. Here sacrifices were offered to the goddess Tanit, at the altar according to historians. The city of Erice, which is located on the summit of San Giuliano, offers an impressive composition of history, art and landscape. From here you have an incredible view and on a clear day you can also see Mount Etna. In Erice there are the ruins of a Phoenician-Punic walls.


Beautiful scenery

The province that offers scenic and interesting exceptional jewelry invite you to discover the place. It is equally impressive the nature reserve "Zingaro" where the typical Mediterranean vegetation, dominated by a wild and untouched nature. This area, which is unique in Sicily, which covers a seven-kilometer stretch of coastline with its cliffs and cliffs leading down to the sea.

In addition, the area includes 1,700 acres of unspoiled nature and lush vegetation.

In the coastal strip between Marsala and Trapani there is the largest lagoon in Sicily, which is known as "Stagnone". Morzia is the largest island, consisting of the islands Grande and Santa Maria, the Cliffs of Borrone, Cerdinisi and School.

Equally impressive was also designed the Natural Park of Mone Bonifato, which can be reached from Alcamo. In this place, full of art, you should come. Here is the Castle of the Counts of Modica. Besides a difficult path you can reach the Monte Bonifato - an area that is important not only important for the view, with  many conifers, but also from the archaeological point of view, due to artifacts of previous eras.


Islands and coasts

Egadi Islands are one of the most attractive destinations in the province of Trapani. The three islands blend harmoniously with the turquoise Mediterranean. Here you will have the pleasure of wild and unspoiled nature, beautiful beaches and clear blue sea. Favignana, Levanzo and Maritime offer unique natural and great water depths and it is impressive not only for the magnificent wildlife, but also for the discovery of historical artifacts of Punic and Roman period. Also a visit to the volcanic island of Pantelleria should be done. This is one of the largest islands surrounding Sicily, and it is known for its celebrity guests. The coasts of Trapani are very impressive, which are the most beautiful in Italy. Here annually come many Italians and foreign tourists who want to relax on the beaches, with visits the interesting places and take full entertainment program. An interesting tourist destination is also the area around Castellammare del Golfo, which is composed of different places. Along the coast, there are  cliffs alternate with numerous beaches. A unique coastline provides Scodello is best known for its crystal clear sea, that has depth fascinating. Even Mazzara del Vallo and Marsala attract many tourists. In these places are located throughout history various lordships of historical interest.


A variety of flavors

The traditional cooking of Trapani has been enriched by various peoples that prevailed in the area. A dish that represents the fusion of different influences is the couscous in the Arab region. There are characteristic fishes, prepared in many different ways - from spaghetti with lobster and the tasty grilled fish. Typical of Trapani is the tuna, the places are known here for the traditional "slaughter" (tuna). Among the traditional dishes there is the "pesto Trapanese" - a real colorful taste experience. Cheesecake with chocolate and candied fruit - -with sweets that are characteristic of Sicily "cassata", filled with cheese cream, the "mustazzoli Erice" and the fruits "marzipan".

Distances from Trapani


Caltanissetta      236 Km

Catania                315 Km

Enna                     244 Km

Palermo               110 Km

Agrigento            206 Km

Ragusa               403 Km

Syrakus               162 Km

Messina              365 Km



the medieval city

Erice towers over the west of Sicily at 751 meters above sea level and often covered with a cloud. It is a wonderfully preserved medieval city that offers the most breathtaking views and history to touch.
Originally an Elymerian city (the Elymians set foot on Sicily long before the Greeks), Erice or Eryx, as it was first called, is a significant city and it is said that Hercules and Aennaes were attracted to it.
Like so many Sicilian cities, Erice passed from one conqueror to the next, and the well-known great powers came and went, leaving behind their architectural and cultural footprints.

The name was changed from Eryx to Erice to Gebel Hamed and Monte San Giuliano, but their essential character remained stubborn over any attempt to change their real identity.

Among the most visited attractions include the two castles Pepoli and Venus. The first was built by the Arabs, whereas the latter is a Norman structure with impressive towers, which derives its name from the fact that it stands on the site of the ancient temple of Venus, supposedly founded by Aeneas.

Other attractions include the sixty (yes, 60!) Churches like the Gothic Chiesa Madre (1314) and the medieval church of St. John the Baptist. Otherwise, the labyrinthine medieval cobblestone streets are a pleasure to walk and the views are breathtaking. On a cloudless day, the Aegadian Islands off the coast of Trapani are clearly visible. They rise like motionless whales from the sea, while in the west the panorama extends over the expanses of the eastern Sicily, over the Tyrrhenian sea and the coast against San Vito Lo Capo, Monte Cofano and the gulf of Castellammare.
Erice is the venue for a number of acclaimed international science conferences and, in particular, an annual astronomy congress.
Probably the best way to Erice is with the recently opened gondola lift from Trapani.


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